WANTED PARTS [Buy or Trade!]

Please have a look at the list below and see if you can help me and my friends out. Thanks,

HARLEY-DAVIDSON WR - WLDR parts wanted for sale
- WR dirt track front wheel ( needs to look "barn fresh")
- WR narrow left side tank (gas) - 1947-1950 type
- Early WR front cylinder or set [no clearance in fins for vertical magneto]
- Early WR rear head or set[not machined for popup piston]
- WR engine cases or case half
- Late WR peek-a-boo cam cover
- WR Chrome Moly dirt track frame

I have alot of WR / WLDR parts to trade or cash. I'm always interested in any and all WR & WLDR parts, so if you have anything not listed here, please do let me know. I'll take consider anything from a single tappet to a complete bike.

HARLEY-DAVIDSON Knucklehead parts wanted for sale
- Pre-1940 engine cases or left side case - any condition
- Good pair of 4 fin cylinders
- Narrow brace front fender

- Good used OEM rear brake drum
- 61" 3 bolt manifold
- Early open rocker tins - tops

CROCKER parts wanted for sale
Please contact us if you have ANY Crocker parts for sale or trade.

INDIAN Scout parts wanted for sale
- 45" Scout center frame section with "dog leg" on rear tube

I'm located in France but make international deals all the time and never had any problems. Open to trades if you prefer. Don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks!

Email me here!

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